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Wednesday, March 01, 2006 

Pandora's Box

Are the NFL owners as stupid as their baseball counterparts? We'll find out the answer by the end of the week. The NFL owners are holding the line in negotiations with the players association, even though they are holding a knife to their own throats in the process. If the NFLPA can be believed, once the cap is allowed to expire they will never let it back in, which will dramatically alter the financial landscape. I suspect that the league will cave on the percentage of revenues used to set the cap, but the in-fighting between small and large-market clubs could doom a deal since the NFLPA is waiting for the dispute over local revenue sharing is settled.

Here's hoping both sides come to their senses and avoid a chaotic off-season with lots of players searching for new jobs.

Teams were already prepared to release players with the start of free agency scheduled for Friday, but you wonder if the releases of Sam Adams and other moderately high-profile names were timed to accompany the breakdown in the talks.

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