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Monday, March 27, 2006 

Lost Weekend

The Celtics meltdown in the fourth quarter yesterday against Chicago reminded me of a lot of games from the first half of this season, when they lost several close games with poor play down the stretch. Not only did the Celtics fail to gain ground on the free-falling 76ers (who lost again to stay 5 ahead of Boston), but they are now 3 games behind the Bulls in the loss column. Philadelphia and Chicago each have 13 games to play, while Boston has just 11 left. Time is running out... at least the Celtics play the Bulls again in Chicago later this week and have another chance to gain ground.

What made yesterday even harder to take was that the Celtics led the whole way until the fourth quarter. But they were unable to stretch their lead in the third, which foreshadowed their doom. I was flipping back-and-forth between the end of the George Mason-UConn game, but I couldn't understand why Doc Rivers went so small at the end of the game, playing Ryan Gomes essentially at center against Tyson Chandler.

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