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Friday, March 24, 2006 


The Patriots are keeping Troy Brown in the fold, and have inquired about Eric Moulds and Keyshawn Johnson, which are all positive signs as they try to rebuild their receiver corps. Brown is clearly slowing down, but provides Tom Brady an important safety net. He's certainly more reliable than Reche Caldwell. Now we'll see if they can get Moulds or Johnson to fill the number 2 spot.

Mike Vanderjagt is off the market, signing with Dallas in a move that makes a lot of sense. He gets to kick on turf in a partially enclosed stadium in a warm climate. The Cowboys get to escape the kicking nightmares of the past few seasons. With Atlanta making a hard push to re-sign Todd Peterson, the Patriots might be forced to sign Paul Edinger, or roll the dice and hope they get lucky in the draft or that another veteran gets cut on June 1.

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