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Thursday, February 23, 2006 

Signs of the Times

Even with the NFL CBA negotiations bogged down, teams are moving forward with their plans for 2006. The Jets have been active, restructuring Curtis Martin's contract, franchising John Abraham again, playing hardball with Chad Pennington, and releasing Ty Law. While Abraham will complain, he doesn't have much leverage. And the Jets are definitely doing the right thing with Pennington, who has been extremely injury-prone. There will be several QBs on the market this offseason, and while the Jets may not have the cap room to sign someone like Drew Brees, they might be able to land one of the lesser names out there, like Kurt Warner, to help groom a younger QB if they decide to select one in the draft.

Two other moves surprised me, as Denver locked up John Lynch through 2008 and Indy signed Reggie Wayne to a longer-term extension for big dollars. Lynch is already 34, so I suspect the money wasn't outlandish. But the Colts overpaid for Wayne, and would have been better off saving that money for a replacement for Edgerrin James or to improve the defense.

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