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Wednesday, February 08, 2006 

Shuffling the Deck

ESPN announced their new Monday Night Football broadcasting team today, and I think it has a good chance of being a success. The major headline was that Al Michaels is off the crew, something that was rumored even before the Super Bowl. Michaels will likely leave ABC and rejoin John Madden at NBC on Sunday nights. It's a good move for Michaels, who didn't have much to do at ABC anyway, and I never thought he was a good NBA announcer.

But the real story is that Mike Tirico and Tony Kornheiser will form a three-man team with Joe Theismann. Kornheiser will continue to write his column in the Washington Post and co-host "Pardon the Interruption", while Tirico gets recognized for his work on ABC and ESPN. I've always thought Tirico was pretty good, and much better than most of the folks CBS and FOX roll out every Sunday afternoon. But selecting the acerbic Kornheiser could be a stroke of genius. He has a much better shot at succeeding than Dennis Miller for two big reasons:

1. Kornheiser brings some football/sports credibility to the job.
2. Kornheiser doesn't have to work with Al Michaels.

Who knows, maybe a faction at ESPN helped grease the skids for Al so they could move on and create their own team?

I can envision Kornheiser screaming about a stupid play while Theismann tries to explain it rationally. It won't be the same as Cosell/Meredith, but if the new team develops good chemistry, it could be a winner.

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