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Wednesday, December 07, 2005 

Some Rest for the Weary

As teams start clinching playoff spots (Colts) and even division titles (Seahawks), the debate begins on how teams will handle the rest of their seasons after they clinch.

Last year, the Patriots rested many of their players in the final game of the season, and it certainly didn't hurt their Super Bowl run. In general, I believe that once you clinch the highest possible slot in the playoff seeding that you can, you should start resting players. Obviously, if the Colts clinch home field this weekend with a win at Jacksonville, they are not going to sit Peyton Manning for the final three games; together with the first-round bye that would be a four week break. I would consider resting injured players immediately, and then hold Manning and the starters out of the final game of the season. The Colts don't "owe" the other teams in the playoff chace anything. They won enough games so that the last month of their season is a glorified pre-season or training camp for the playoffs.

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