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Friday, November 11, 2005 

The World Turning Upside Down

The NFC East is one of the best surprises of the year. Last year, there was a lot of publicity about the coaching troika of Bill Parcells, Joe Gibbs, and Tom Coughlin and how they were going to restore the glory days to their teams. Instead, they all crashed to 6-10 finishes, and Andy Reid's Eagles won the division again with a 13-3 mark.

But this season is a different story. The Eagles are struggling at 4-4 with injuries and the Terrell Owens soap opera, while the Giants, Cowboys, and Redskins have combined for 16 wins - just 2 fewer than those three teams won all of last season. I'm the most impressed with the Giants, since their offense has been far more efficient than their rivals. I was surprised that the offenses of the four NFC East teams were ranked 3-6 in the NFC in terms of yardage - with the Cowboys at number 3 and the Giants at number 6. But the Giants 233 points scored is the best in the entire NFL, and 52 points ahead of the Cowboys. Washington and Dallas have been distinguishing themselves on defense, as they are ranked near the top of the NFC, while New York and Philadelphia are closer to the bottom. I'm glad to see Eli Manning playing well, while the Redskins and Cowboys just seem a bit too fragile to me on offense and will have to rely on their defenses if they want to reach the playoffs and have some success.

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