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Sunday, September 04, 2005 

Survivor Sunday

While some recognizable names were cut yesterday, plenty of players are breathing a sigh of relief this morning. Most of the Patriots 17 cuts were expected, but I was surprised that undrafted free agent Mike Wright made the team over Rodney Bailey. Wright's advantage is that he can play nose tackle, while Bailey seems more suited to the 4-3 and was caught in a glut of linemen on the Patriots who can play outside. Wright also helped himself with a good game Thursday night.

In other cuts around the league, a few "big name" players like Hugh Douglas and Ashley Ambrose were let go, but they are both past their prime. Denver finally said goodbye to Quentin Griffin, who burst onto the scene with 156 yards and 2 TDs in last season's opener, then did next-to-nothing over the next few weeks before suffering a season-ending knee injury. And in a move that will make football announcers everywhere a little bit happier today, Jacksonville released RB Chris Fuamatu-Maafala.

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