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Tuesday, September 13, 2005 

Rumble in the Dome

The Falcons defeated the Eagles 14-10 last night, as a pre-game fight between Kevin Mathis and Jeremiah Trotter led to ejections for both players. Trotter was a much bigger loss, as Atlanta rolled up 200 yards on the ground, including 117 for Warrick Dunn and 68 for Michael Vick. Vick also looked sharp in the passing game, going 12-for-23, while Donovan McNabb struggled and completed just 24 of 45 passes. Terrell Owens had 7 catches for 100+ yards, but it wasn't enough.

The officials handled the pre-game fight the right way. You can't have players brawling on the field with fans in the stands. I'm sure every coach in the league is going to talk to their players about this today.

One footnote: I just heard on ESPN that the team who lost the previous year's Super Bowl has now lost 7 consecutive opening week games. Sounds like a coincidence to me, but I'll have to take a deeper look.

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