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Thursday, September 29, 2005 

Doctor, Doctor, Gimme the News

Injuries have been the big story this week in the AFC East. First, the New England Patriots saw S Rodney Harrison and OT Matt Light go down during their win at Pittsburgh on Sunday. Harrison is out for the year with a torn ACL, while Matt Light likely has a broken bone in his leg and is out for a while. A similar diagnosis may also apply to RB Kevin Faulk, who was apparently injuired in the closing moments of the game. So far, the Patriots have brought back OL Gene Mruczkowski and signed RB Amos Zereoue to try to fill the voids, with Guss Scott taking over for Harrison as he did on Sunday.

The Buffalo Bills lost LB Takeo Spikes with an Achilles' tendon injury which may derail their hopes of challenging the Patriots.

But the Jets may have the worst story of all, as QB Chad Pennington is done for the year with a rotator cuff injury and backup Jay Fielder is also hurt. Bet the Baltimore Ravens defense can't wait to line up against Brooks Bollinger on Sunday. New York has signed creaky veteran Vinny Testverde and former Patriots draft pick Kliff Kingsbury for some depth.

The end result is a big break for Nick Saban and the Miami Dolphins. Miami's defense looks much improved, and if Ricky Williams can give Ronnie Brown a break to prevent the rookie from hitting the wall, that will improve their chances in the division even more.

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