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Thursday, August 18, 2005 

Tynes that Bind

Chiefs kicker Lawrence Tynes is in trouble after a bar fight.

Trying to make light of a grave situation, Lawrence Tynes’ Chiefs teammates have taken to calling him "Killer."

When the joking subsided, those familiar with Tynes, a second-year place-kicker, say the felony substantial battery and misdemeanor battery charges filed against him for his role in a bar fight are out of character.

Police painted a different picture of Tynes for his part in an incident at Boomer’s, a River Falls night club, early Sunday morning. According to the police report, Tynes punched in the face first one bar customer and later a bar bouncer, the latter receiving a broken nose. Police said Tynes was agitated and tried to re-enter the bar after being escorted out.

While nothing has been settled in court yet, this is certainly not the kind of story the NFL needs.

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