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Thursday, August 18, 2005 

T.O. be continued

Terrell Owens certainly has a good agent. While I hate to encourage you to visit his website, the latest "open letter to his fans" is hilarious. A few choice nuggets:

Terrell Owens would like to publicly thank his fans for their continued, and unwavering support.

Uh, I guess he didn't see some of those signs the other night...

Despite all the rumors and innuendo Terrell has shown up to work on time, and from the moment he arrived he has given his all, picking up right where he left off in the Super Bowl. Unfortunately for Terrell, this gung-ho approach led to the aggravation of a nagging groin injury. Realizing that this could have been perceived as a negotiating ploy, Terrell has done everything possible to accelerate his rehab.

Silly me, I thought Owens held out. But wait, it gets better:

In fact Terrell has gone out of his way to diffuse the tension by keeping to himself in all non-practice related affairs. During practice and work related situations he has been and will be attentive and responsive; Terrell only asks what every other worker in America asks for, respect and dignity.

... and of course, millions of dollars. I must not be respected at all at work, since my paycheck is a bit smaller than that.

Terrell will return to camp and continue to display the work ethic, and on-the-field dedication that has made him one of the world’s most elite athletes. For you the fan, and your continued support in the most difficult of times, Terrell plans to reward you with a season for the ages. Where small men succumb, great men overcome!

First of all, Terrell is returning to camp to get his money - a lot of money. And calling him a "great man" is a bit of a stretch. Guess that's what agents are for. This certainly isn't the end of this story. He may behave for a while, but he'll be snapping at someone on the sidelines eventually if he becomes dissastisfied with his number of catches. Good luck Andy Reid.

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