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Sunday, July 24, 2005 

Unhappy Camper

It sounds like disgruntled Eagles WR Terrell Owens will show up for training camp, but still wants a new deal or a trade.

"I mean, the bottom line is that I still believe I deserve a new contract," the star wide receiver said. "I still believe I deserve more than what they've given me. But I'm not stupid. I'm not about to miss training camp, get fined every day, and give them even more reasons to keep from paying me.

"I'll be there. But I won't be happy, I can tell you that much. Take from that whatever you want."

Lovely. Then his agent Drew Rosenhaus added to the circus atmosphere by partially retracting his client's statement:

We haven't made any decisions yet that are final," the agent told ESPN and Comcast SportsNet. "Things can change. It's not training camp yet. There's no question that Terrell and I are thinking very strongly about reporting to camp... . We've gone back and forth on this a number of times. I don't think a final decision will be made until the day of."

The agent suggested that an unhappy Owens would be a major distraction in training camp.

"Even if he does report to training camp on time, that does not mean we're going to stop pursuing a contract and that does not mean he will not leave at some point down the road. If we can't get this worked out, sure, it's going to be a distraction. How can it not be?

"He's not going to be happy and it's going to be a constant topic of discussion. If I were the Eagles, I would find some framework of an agreement, because this is a great football team and I think we can work something out that would be good for everybody."

In other words, Owens and his agent are trying the classic "pay me or trade me" blackmail approach. I guess they've forgotten that the Eagles lost a few NFC championship games without Owens, and got no farther with him. If the Eagles wanted to trade Owens, they should have made a deal at the draft. Now they're stuck, and this will probably drag out for most of the summer.

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