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Sunday, July 10, 2005 

The Art of Renegotiation

Mike Reiss had an interesting note in today's Metro West Daily News:

One agent recently conducted a study of contracts signed by first-round draft choices from 1997-1999, and the results are worthy of note. Of all of the contacts signed by first-rounders in that time, 77 percent of them were renegotiated or restructed with new money before they expired. The 77 percent figure doesn't include players who were cut or suffered a season-ending injury before the contract expired.

I wonder if the agent was Richard Seymour's. He's trying to make the case that he deserves his rookie contract to get re-done. It also could help explain why so many of this year's first round picks are still unsigned. Since the NFL CBA is stacked in favor of the owners as players get older, it's in the player's best interest to get either a) a lot of money up front when then leave college, or b) a short-term deal that gets them to free agency sooner. The Patriots philosophy of signing first round picks to 6 year deals has been great for the team, but I wonder how long draftees will agree to such an arrangement.

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