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Wednesday, May 11, 2005 

Los Angeles Colts of Anaheim?

Yesterday marked the latest chapter in the battle to bring the NFL back to Los Angeles, as the city of Anaheim presented its plans for a new stadium. The proposal for a 70,500 seat stadium to be completed by 2008 was a first step towards a more formal pitch at the NFL owners meeting May 24-25.

But even the consultant hired by the city, David Carter of The Sports Business Group, expressed mixed feelings about the project's chance for success:

"We came back with the fact that each of the four competing sites [Anaheim, LA Coliseum, Rose Bowl, and Carson, CA] has some real attributes and each has shortcomings," he said. "Ultimately, Anaheim's biggest shortcoming is the real estate values continue to escalate rapidly and the city believes there are additional uses for that land."

I wonder why the NFL can't leave well enough alone and stay out of LA. California fans did not support the Rams or the Raiders, so why should another team be expected to thrive there?

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