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Wednesday, April 06, 2005 

Surf and ye shall find

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote:

The Sporting News pro football draft encyclopedia lists every NFL draft by year, by team, and by player, with an all-time alphabetical list at the end of the book. It's an interesting idea, though I didn't spend 25 bucks to buy it. I normally wait for reference books to hit the bargain book bin before buying them. I figure I can find the information on the web somewhere if I really need it...

When the Patriots signed David Terrell Tuesday, I wanted to look at the 2001 NFL draft, where the Patriots took Richard Seymour sixth against the advice of many who wanted them to take Terrell. I found that NFL.com has a draft history section that allows you to cross-reference by year, team, player, school, etc. It only covers 1982 to present, but maybe they'll expand it in the future. I'll add it to my links section.

By the way, the Bears drafted Terrell eighth that year - bet they wish they took Koren Robinson instead.

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