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Saturday, April 09, 2005 

'Roid rage

I was waiting for Congress to get the NFL involved in the recent steroid circus. But I think their policy is a little tougher than Major League Baseball's, which, even when a player tests positive, refuses to name the specific substance.

Last night, during the Red Sox game, TV station UPN38 reported that Alex Sanchez, the first MLB player to get suspended for steroids, was not going to appeal his suspension. Why? Because the substance that (he says) he was caught using was a legal over-the-counter substance before January 15th, was not on the MLB banned list until then, and he bought it before January 15th.

He's still suspended for 10 days, but he gets to hide behind a technicality: all he is admitting is that he did not pay attention to new items on the banned list.

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