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Saturday, March 19, 2005 

Some Change will do you good

I love it when a player takes control of his career and fires an agent that will not listen to him. The latest example is Plaxico Burress, who signed with the Giants on Thursday after rejecting nearly the same offer a week earlier. After the Giants failed to make a counter-offer, Burress switched agents.

Tom Coughlin must think Burress is the answer to provide Eli Manning a big target who can stretch the field. The argument is that Burress only caught 35 passes last season, but played in the Steelers ground-orientated offense. However, that didn't stop his teammate Hines Ward from making the All-Pro second team. Ward also had a much better postseason, with 100+ yards and a TD in both of Pittsburgh's playoff games (10-105 vs. Jets, 5-109 vs. Patriots), compared to a total of just 5 catches for 65 yards and one TD for Burress. I just wonder if Burress' big seasons in 2001-2002 were a mirage, since he was a disappointment prior to that and mediocre since.

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