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Saturday, March 12, 2005 

Dysfunctional Greed

Edgerrin James is backing off his comments about that the Colts' offense is a "dysfunctional" family along the lines of the Jackson Five in an article in the Indy Star. But Mike Chappell also writes that James is committed to scoring a big payday, even if that takes a trade.

"It really don't matter with me," James said. "I can play ball wherever. It's only a six-month job. It's pretty easy to go for six months.

"If there is an opportunity where I can get somewhere and . . . I can get a deal and get myself settled in for the next five, six years, I prefer that."

"It's only a six-month job." I wonder if the Patriots players feel that way. Yesterday, Chappell wrote that the four most likely landing spots for James are Arizona, Miami, Tampa Bay, and San Francisco. All four are in warm climates, which he'd probably enjoy, but none of them are likely to compete for the Super Bowl. So it looks like this is another case of "follow the money".

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