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Monday, January 10, 2005 

Winging It

After a terrific pair of games on Saturday, Sunday was a bit of a downer. For the second straight year, Indy and Peyton Manning completely dominated Denver. Once again, the Colts have become a trendy pick, especially with the Patriots depleted secondary. As I Patriots fan, I am a bit more worried than last year, since I'm concerned that a couple of quick scores early could take Corey Dillon out of the game. But the long-range forecast for Sunday is 19 degrees, so maybe that's a good sign.

In the late game, an early 17-0 deficit and 4 Brett Favre interceptions were too much for Green Bay to overcome. The Minnesota defense finally played a decent game against Green Bay. I was amazed that Culpepper has thrown 16 TDs with no interceptions in his last five games against Green Bay, but Minnesota still lost the season series this year. It looked like the Packers had a shot when they cut the lead to 24-17, but Minnesota drove right down the field and put the game away. Unfortunately, the Vikings will have to play the Eagles next week, and might not have a healthy Randy Moss. That's a tough draw. Meanwhile, Mike Martz should send Mike Tice a new car, or some kind of extravagant present - the Vikings win means that the Rams get to play inside against the Falcons next week, and that is a very winable game for that offense.

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