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Sunday, January 02, 2005 

Short Story

Well, my predictions were mostly wrong again, but I'll take credit for expecting the Vikings to lose and back into the playoffs. Minnesota will be the sixth seed and will travel to Green Bay next week in what should be a great game. But how can you pick the Vikings to beat the Packers when they couldn't even beat the Redskins? Still, it should be quite a shootout next weekend.

Thanks to Minnesota, St. Louis's overtime win means that they will play Seattle next week; the Seahawks need to beat the Falcons to get the division and home-field.

In the AFC, I can't believe Buffalo blew their chance. As a Patriots fan, I've always liked Drew Bledsoe, even with his limitations, but his fumble on his own 10 yard line ended Buffalo's season and might have ended Drew's starting gig. J.P. Losman will get a long look next season, especially since the Bills are such a running team that they can live with a young QB. You have to wonder how much this game affected the Jets-Rams game since the Jets knew they had locked up the 5th seed by late in the 4th quarter.

Denver and Jacksonville are the key teams to watch now. If Denver wins, they play at Indianapolis next week. But a loss knocks them out and opens the door for Jacksonville. If both Denver and Jacksonville lose, Baltimore gets the 6th seed.

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