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Monday, January 03, 2005 

Running out the clock

The final pieces of the playoff picture fell into place when Seattle held off Atlanta and won the NFC West, and Denver rolled over the Indy JV team to get the last AFC wild-card. Jacksonville only has themselves to blame for being on the outside looking in; how can you get shutout at home by Houston on the next-to-last week of the season? If the Jaguars would have won, they would be the 6th seed this morning since they beat the Broncos earlier this week. Buffalo and Baltimore also had their chances, so please, no crying about Indy playing their scrubs against Denver.

History says that the teams with the bye will reach the conference championship games. Of the 8 teams who are playing next week, Green Bay looks to have the best chance of advancing to the Super Bowl, but their porous defense scares me.

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