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Sunday, December 26, 2004 

Manning gets number 49

Hold on folks, it's going to be a rough ride...

Peyton Manning broke Dan Marino's record and the Chargers hearts with a great comeback today. A late TD to Brandon Stokley was the record breaker, and the Colts also got the two point conversion they needed to tie it in regulation. Then they won the overtime coin toss and Manning hit a big fourth down completion to set up the winning field goal. The playoff impact is obvious - even if the Patriots lose today, they can still get the bye by winning next week against the 49ers. Pittsburgh wrapped up home field by beating Baltimore, who is now a game behind Denver for the last AFC spot.

Jacksonville is now in a similar position, after playing an awful game at home against Houston. The Jags should be Oakland next week, but who knows? They might even have to jump over both Denver and Buffalo in the standings. What a waste of a nice season.

In the NFC, New Orleans defeated Atlanta, so the 7-8 Saints are now leading the race for the last wild card spot. If Carolina wins and St. Louis loses, then next week's New Orleans-Carolina game is for that last spot. (Minnesota will clinch with a St. Louis loss.)

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