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Friday, December 31, 2004 

Hard News

This is always a week where sports has a hard time dominating the headlines, with the holidays appropriately diverting our attention. But the Tsunamis in SE Asia last Sunday morning have been tough to comprehend. After initial reports of "3,000" dead, the death toll keeps growing and will likely reach 100,000. It is especially hard to see pictures of folks in the poorer sections. They have obviously not had easy lives, and now they have to deal with this.

I did find it ironic that George Carlin checked into rehab recently for what was described as a "wine and painkiller" dependency. One of Carlin's bits over the years was that humans tend to root for casualities after natural disasters, in some kind of sub-conscious desire to have witnessed one of the "worst" events ever. That kind of thinking seems especially distasteful this week.

Update:Latest reports set the death count at over 120,000.

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