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Wednesday, November 24, 2004 

Turkey Day

As I get older, I have a very hard time motivating myself to watch football on Thanksgiving unless the Patriots are playing. I'm normally with a group of people I never watch football with, and it just seems strange. Besides, since I'll be on the East Coast, we normally eat during the first game and leave for home during the second game.

This year is an easy choice. I might actually try to convince my hosts to watch the James Bond marathon (starts tonight on Spike). Any game with Peyton Manning is entertaining, but Detroit has completely fallen apart after a 3-1 start. Game two is more promising, as Drew Henson makes his first NFL start against the Bears. Maybe Henson is the real deal, but frankly I'm tired of hearing about him. When he was in the Yankees farm system all the New York fans would fantasize about him playing third base in the Bronx. When that didn't work out, the Texans traded him to the Cowboys, where he has been waiting for Vinny Testaverde to get hurt. What's scary is that the NFC playoff race is so wide open that Chicago is still in the race. The Giants and Rams are tied at 5-5 for the last NFC spot. (By comparison, the Jets, Ravens, and Chargers/Broncos are tied for the last 2 AFC spots at 7-3.)

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