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Sunday, October 17, 2004 

Twenty Answers

The Patriots made it 20 in a row today with an impressive win against the Seahawks. I was working around the house today, so I had the game on the radio. On the one hand, New England was fortunate to capitalize on 2 early turnovers, but they made the plays down the stretch when they needed them. I haven't seen the Bethel Johnson catch yet, but that play defines clutch. Corey Dillon came up big after being on the injury list all week (my pessimistic prediction was based on my assumption that he would be limited). Seattle burned themselves with a lot of drops and some dumb penalties, especially that taunting call (why taunt when you're behind in the game???) that partially wiped out a big gain. They have to be disappointed in their last 2 games - Seattle could easily be 5-1 at least.

The folks at CBS must have been doing cartwheels when the Jets came back to beat the 49ers. Now their "battle of the unbeatens" is set for next week. It will be interesting to see how Belichick/Crennel try to stop Curtis Martin, who seems to be running like he did a few years ago.

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