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Sunday, October 31, 2004 

Trick or Treat

Why is the NFL so fixated on placing a team in Los Angeles? The subject again received top billing at an NFL owners meeting last week. Possibilities include renovating the Rose Bowl or the Coliseum, or a new stadium in Carson or Anaheim. Since it's hard to imagine Governor Terminator supporting any tax subsides, the NFL would need to find someone with deep pockets to finance whatever plan is choosen. I know LA is the number two television market in the country, and a major population center, but California does have 3 teams already. I do not remember a lot of loud protests when the Rams moved to St. Louis or when the Raiders moved back to Oakland.

Some of Paul Tagliabue's comments indicated that the league may be softening its insistance on a team in LA by 2008, which would be great news. Expanding again would be a mistake, especially if they go back to an odd number of teams. A better option is to wait and add two teams later on in the next decade. Part of me still thinks that the Colts eventually want to move out of Indianapolis, though I hate to see teams move (having nearly experienced it with the Patriots).

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