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Saturday, October 30, 2004 

Red Sox Win!

As a lifetime Boston Red Sox fan, I must admit that I couldn't care less about the Patriots game tommorrow. The Red Sox first World Series championship in 86 years has proven once again that in sports (as in life) anything is possible. In the big picture, this is a fairly ephemeral event; it won't have the same tangible long-term consequences as the Presidential election next Tuesday, for instance. But it's the most thrilling accomplishment in New England sports history, and that's saying a lot. They're having a parade in Boston today, though I'm having trouble with the "rolling rally" concept. In deference to security concerns, there will not be a rally downtown like the Patriots had. But what's going to happen when the parade stops? Is everyone (including the players) just going to turn around and go home?

A lot of the local media are trying to compare the Red Sox to the Patriots, but that's a stretch. Depth means a lot more in football, where you can freely substitute players. Plus, the Red Sox "team" spirit is overrated - they were the same cohesive group ten days ago, yet were almost swept by the Yankees. Lastly, an NFL-style salary cap would have prevented the Red Sox from spending as much as they did.

But the bottom line is: "Boston Red Sox 2004 World Series Champions" - I never thought I'd see it.

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