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Thursday, October 14, 2004 

I'm Back

Finally, after a few false starts, I've finished moving. More later, but here's a few random thoughts on what's happened the past two weeks:

1. Disapointments: Green Bay looks terrible, and Carolina's injuries are really catching up to them. Wonder if the fans in the D.C. are still excited about Joe Gibbs?

2. Surprises: Seattle blew one against St. Louis last week, but they still look like the team with the best chance to beat Philadelphia in the NFC. Also, the combination of a few wins (plus the Yankees in the playoffs) have quieted the stories about Tom Caughlin being too tough on the Giants. Funny how that always turns out that way.

3. Jinx: I do not believe in curses, but the Sports Illustrated jinx may be alive and well. This week's cover boys (at least around here) are Johnny Damon and Tom Brady. Damon is 0-for-the-ALCS, and Brady looked shaky against Miami.

Speaking of the Patriots, this week's game is going to be much harder than most folks think. With two of their top WRs probably out (Branch doubtful, Brown questionable), we'll see if Corey Dillion is up to the challenge again.

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