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Saturday, October 16, 2004 

Coming Attractions

If you like a lot of offense, circle Monday, November 8 on your calendar. Duante Culpepper and the Vikings will visit Peyton Manning and the Colts in a battle of the (current) top two offenses in the NFL. Conversely, these are two worst pass defenses in the league, so this game could easily feature 80+ points. Both QBs are putting up amazing numbers:

Culpepper 109-150 (72.7%) 1341 13 1
Manning 104-157 (66.2%) 1321 14 3

Culpepper's are especially eye-popping, though the injury to RB Michael Bennett may be a factor. While both teams' one loss was against an undefeated team (Minnesota lost to Philadelphia and Indy lost to New England), they've played a fairly soft schedule otherwise. The only quality wins at this point would be Indy's win over Jacksonville and Minnesota's win over Dallas. Until their defenses improve, it's hard to envision Culpepper or Manning in the Super Bowl, but it will be fun to watch them try.

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