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Saturday, September 25, 2004 

Green Flag

Earlier this week, Bill Griffith wrote in the Boston Globe that NASCAR is second-highest rated sport on national TV after the NFL. The "regular-season" ratings he cited were:

NFL 10.5 (2003 season)
PGA 3.1
MLB 2.7 (FOX Saturday Afternoons)
NBA 2.4
NHL 1.1

The MLB number does not include the ESPN games, but I suspect the NASCAR numbers do not include the Busch series or the truck racing circuit (though I'm not sure).

The NFL and NASCAR have a lot in common, starting with the obvious - one big event a week, as opposed to a flood of baseball, basketball, and hockey 7 days a week. Why would a baseball fan reserve a Saturday afternoon to watch a game when he can watch games on local TV the rest of the week? You cannot escape the law of supply and demand.

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