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Saturday, September 04, 2004 

Get off of my Cloud

Most of the Patriots roster moves yesterday were expected, though the release of RB Mike Cloud and QB Kliff Kingsbury and the signings of RB Kory Chapman and QB Jim Miller were surprising. Cloud has always been sort of a fringe back in my opinion - not powerful enough for the goal line, and not quite fast enough for a change-of-pace runner - but a possibly valuable backup. Since there continue to be questions about Kevin Faulk's durability, and to a lesser extent, Corey Dillon's blocking, I figured Cloud would make the team at the expense of a fullback or extra wide receiver. Chapman, released by the Ravens who are loaded at running back, is probably a long-shot to make the 53 man roster, and draft pick Cedric Cobbs is still banged up. So for now, it looks like the Patriots will roll the dice with only 2 halfbacks.

Resigning Jim Miller should end the speculation about Doug Flutie returning to the Patriots. Flutie would not be a good fit. The Patriots use the pass to set up the run, not the other way around. At this stage of his career, Flutie's scrambling days are over, and he needs a back like LaDainian Tomlinson to take the pressure of him.

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