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Sunday, August 08, 2004 

Serious Business

Has anyone else has paid attention to the recent NFL decision to replace its internet game audio feeds with a service on Sirius, one of the major satellite radio providers? It's being rolled out with ads featuring Tom Brady and John Madden. At the moment, I don't subscribe to Sirius or XM, nor do I have high-speed internet service, so take the following comments for what they're worth.

I wonder if internet radio broadcast revenues were disappointing, or if the NFL simply sees a bigger upside with Sirius. Major League Baseball still has game audio on-line (I used to listen occassionally at a previous job :-) but baseball lends itself better to radio, and it might be easier to sell a package of 162 games to an occasional listener than just 16.

The technology could also be a factor. Some folks are still scared of computers. The Sirius service looks easier to integrate into a home stereo system than a typical computer audio setup. Plus, Sirius is cheaper than the high-speed internet service you need to reliably listen on-line.

The bottom line is that the NFL appears to be leaving no stone unturned when it comes to investigating alternative media. Who knows, some misplaced fans might buy the NFL Sunday Ticket package and the Sirius radio package so they can watch their favorite team and listen to the hometown announcers.

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