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Sunday, August 29, 2004 

Hail to the Chief

With the Republican National Convention opening in New York City tomorrow, politics is on my mind. With apologies to the Red Sox radio guys (Joe and Jerry), here's my all-Republican team:

RB Keith Lincoln San Diego/Buffalo 1961-68 (AFL)
DL Roosevelt Manning Atlanta/Phila. 1972-75
WR Ike Hillard New York Giants
CB Tory Nixon San Francisco 1985-88
DL Henry Ford Houston 1990's
RB/DB Frank Reagan Giants/Phila. 1941, 1946-51
LB Frank Bush Houston 1985-86

In the spirit of bi-partisanship, here's the Democratic lineup:

DL Cortez Kennedy Seattle 1990's
KR/WR Billy "White Shoes" Johnson Houston/Atlanta 1974-88
WR Cris Carter Phila/Minnesota 1990's
CB Charles Clinton Houston 1987

And who could forget TE Andre President, who played 1 game for New England and 2 for Chicago in 1995? :-)

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