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Monday, July 05, 2004 

Preview 2004

I've always wondered why folks buy those preseason football magazines now that the internet is so widely used. Barnes & Noble had a HUGE stack of Pro Football Weekly, Sporting News, etc this week. The only ones I used to find worth reading were the fantasy football magazines, since they actually gave you some statistics. The others stick to the standard roster and positional breakdowns, and are largely obsolete by the time you get them.

On another note, it's strange that the Pro Football Prospectus book for this year has been delayed and will not be available until August 24 (according to Amazon.com). I guess the football book market is not as strong as the baseball book market, where you can get the "James/Neyer Guide to Pitchers" and find out what Bruce Hurst's typical pitch selection was. Sounds like a real page-turner...

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