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Sunday, July 04, 2004 


The current talk about Coach K possibly leaving Duke for the Los Angeles Lakers job should make the college football leaders take notice. While the NFL won the Maurice Clarett case and kept him out of this year's draft, history says that the league won't be able to keep "underage" players out of the draft forever. If that happens, will the top college football programs start losing players like Coach K has at Duke? And will those top programs be unable to keep coaches like Nick Saban from jumping to the NFL?

The whole college football system is built on popular programs and high profile bowls, unlike college basketball which has an exciting tournament that fosters interest in the underdog small schools. I find it hard to believe that anyone is going to watch Boise St. play Notre Dame in the Fiesta Bowl, for example.

The NCAA and NFL should be getting together to try to resolve this situation before letting it get out of control and watering down their products too.

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