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Sunday, June 06, 2004 

Is older better?

Not much happened around the June 1 deadline this week, but it was interesting to watch some veteran QBs change teams. Oakland, searching for a stop-gap answer if Rich Gannon can't take the pounding anymore, signed Kerry Collins, which I think is a good move. Dallas grabbed Vinny Testaverde to mentor their young QBs Quincy Carter and Drew Henson - Testaverde knows it's unlikely he'll play.

But I was a bit surprised to see the Giants sign Kurt Warner. He doesn't seem like a Tom Coughlin guy. He turns the ball over a lot (fumbles and interceptions), isn't shy about complaining to the press, and could be a distraction. Sure, it's short money, but the Giants may be better off just getting Manning in there and let him learn on the job like his older brother.

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