Sunday, June 27, 2004 

It's almost time...

The Basketball and Hockey drafts are over, and the Baseball All-Star is almost here, so that can only mean one thing - NFL Minicamps are just around the corner! I promise I'll start blogging more as my thoughts turn from curveballs (and other things...) to cornerbacks.

Sunday, June 13, 2004 

Everyone loves a winner

It is fascinating to watch how winning solves all problems. At New England's minicamp this week, both Ty Law and offensive coordinator Charlie Weis did a 180 and basically said they love it in New England. Weis's agent had made it clear that Weis was gone once his contract expired, while Law had gone on virtually every talk show proclaiming that he "couldn't imagine himself playing for the Patriots".

On both counts, this was largely much ado about nothing. Weis probably will be gone at the end of the season - for a head coaching job. NE management knows that he'll likely leave, so why raise the bar for a future hire? In Law's case, his agents started making such ridiculous statements about him possibly retiring that it was clear that Scott Pioli had the upper hand.

Sunday, June 06, 2004 

Is older better?

Not much happened around the June 1 deadline this week, but it was interesting to watch some veteran QBs change teams. Oakland, searching for a stop-gap answer if Rich Gannon can't take the pounding anymore, signed Kerry Collins, which I think is a good move. Dallas grabbed Vinny Testaverde to mentor their young QBs Quincy Carter and Drew Henson - Testaverde knows it's unlikely he'll play.

But I was a bit surprised to see the Giants sign Kurt Warner. He doesn't seem like a Tom Coughlin guy. He turns the ball over a lot (fumbles and interceptions), isn't shy about complaining to the press, and could be a distraction. Sure, it's short money, but the Giants may be better off just getting Manning in there and let him learn on the job like his older brother.

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