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Sunday, May 09, 2004 

I'd like to be in pictures

The recent "Spider Man 2" ad controversy in MLB makes me wonder about the future of sports advertising. First of all, Sony Pictures got tons of FREE publicity because MLB decided NOT to put the Spider Man 2 logo on the bases. I doubt anyone would have cared if the ad campaign was kept quiet, since how often does TV show the "top" of the bases? (Which suggests that someone at Sony leaked it...) A far better bang for the buck would be to pay the Red Sox to put a picture of Spider Man climbing the Green Monster, maybe with him shooting some webbing towards the seats on top of the wall. Then do a few other unique things at other parks (have him sit in the glove at the ballpark formerly known as Pac Bell in San Francisco?). That would get far more ad time on TV than adorning the bases.

Personally, I'd rather see less commercial interruptions in NFL games (and TV in general) by having advertisers buy time during the game and place ads around the corners and edges of the screen like they do during World Cup Soccer games - or electronically place logos right on the field like they do for NASCAR. The TV networks already advertise their own shows that way, but they're probably scared about diluting the 30-second commercial market (even though TiVo and similar services are already weakening it). The commercial breaks in NFL games are getting ridiculous, and make the prime time games unbearably long for those of us on the east coast. Maybe the NFL Network will try it if they take over some of the games after the current TV contract runs out...

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