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Sunday, April 04, 2004 

57 Channels...

I also hope that the NFL doesn't use its NFL Network to blackmail broadcasters and cable companies when the current TV deals expire in 2005. Paul Tagliabue "success" as commissioner is based mainly on the explosion of TV revenue in recent contracts. Maybe he thinks cable companies will pony up enough dough to carry the NFL Network to make up the difference, but I don't think so. In the long-run, the NFL Network's niche should be as the premiere network for NFL Films productions plus more "behind-the-scenes" footage the regular networks do not have access to.

Personally, I think Monday Night Football has run its course as a weekly event and should be replaced. Here's one idea - sell ABC/ESPN a "prime time" package of 40 games and let them basically schedule the games. If they want one game on each Sunday and Monday night, fine; that leaves 6 games left over for say, special Thursday night telecasts. But in the last month of the season, they might be better off scheduling 2 games on a Sunday night, and broadcast the better game nationally on and the other one in just the home markets of those teams. Just an idea...

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